Ubud Float Garden: Is Floatation Therapy the Ultimate Way to Unplug?

Ubud Float Garden is a sensory deprivation tank centre in Ubud, Bali. I recently took a visit there to finally check the place out and revive my love of floating. Back when I used to live in London and worked a nine-to-five, I discovered the joy of floatation therapy. I often booked a long session […]

Photographing India, Part 3: Top Tips for the Best India Street Photography

In Part 3 of my India photography series, we look at India street photography, and how street photographers can get the most out of a trip to India. One of the things many visitors to India hate most is the hectic, bustling and sometimes overwhelming experience of India’s big cities. And it’s fair to say […]

Photographing India, Part 2: The Best Places to Go and Shoot

Welcome to part two of my ‘Photographing India’ series, in which we’ll look at the geography of India, and explore which destinations are suited to particular types of photography. Part one can be found here. Introduction to Photographing India India is big. It’s the seventh-largest country in the world, and looking at India on a […]

Which Web Host and Domain Name Registrar Should I Use?

One of the first stages of creating a website for your photography business is selecting a web host and buying your domain name. But the plethora of domain name registrars and web hosts is overwhelming. Where to even begin? How to choose between them all? What differences even are there? In this article I hope […]

5 Tips for Shooting Your First Wedding

Let’s not beat about the bush. Shooting your first wedding can be anxiety-inducing! In this article, we’ll discuss my five top tips for getting the job done well. Hopefully you’ve gained some experience as a second-shooter, so you’ve seen first-hand some of the challenges of wedding photography. Or maybe not! I’d never a shot a […]

The Best Landscape Photography Trick You’ve Never Heard Of

The bane of every landscape photographers’ life must surely be that rude awakening at some ungodly hour by an alarm clock. The passion for creating memorable images of the natural world motivates us to endure the discomfort, but we wish there was another way. It’s not just landscape photographers that have to deal with insufficient […]

3 Easy Ways to Take Better Portraits

A well taken portrait can be truly captivating. Here I present you with three tips that I’ve found have really helped me take better portraits. I hope they help you too! 1) The eyes have it Focus on the eyes. Make sure they are really sharp. Try to get catchlights in the eyes of your […]

Shooting Melasti Festival in Bali, Indonesia

Next week on the island of Bali sees the arrival of a particularly auspicious time, with this years’ Melasti festival, followed closely by the silent day of Nyepi. It’s a truly fantastic time to be on the island, and it’s well worth planning a trip to Bali that coincides with these festivals. Not only will […]

How to Export Images for Your Photography Website

Anyone who has a photography website has probably come across this little conundrum before – how to export images in the best way? In this article we look at the optimum settings to export your images with before you upload them to your website gallery. The key criteria There are two important criteria your images […]

Photographing India, Part 1: Introduction

More than anywhere, India is the place I keep going back to. I could write a list as long as my arm of reasons not to go, but there is something about it that I just love. My Indian affair began about 15 years ago. I was travelling around the world with my girlfriend at […]